Why Brand Voice Is Key

How often do you use your brand voice?

Do you even know your brand voice, or how to use it? When working with a copywriter, you’ll often hear them speak on brand voice. They may call it brand language, but it’s basically the same thing. What most people fail to realize, especially when dealing with someone in branding is that the process is more than the visual (logo, colors, etc.), but really relies on brand voice to set the foundation for everything else.

How does brand voice help my brand?

A well-developed brand voice helps your target audience relate to your brand. While many people think it’s the logo or website that draws the audience to you, it really all starts with the brand voice. It’s easy to think about brand voice when writing, but when posting on social media, many brands forget. When used on social media, a consistent brand voice builds relationships with followers and attracts new audiences. It’s because they identify with your brand voice and will know what to expect when they connect with you.

Here are a few other reasons why a strong brand voice works:

· Fosters trust to build a community around your brand

· Helps streamline any responses and reactions

· Helps with brand identity

· Delivers consistent messaging which builds trust

· Gives you the control to shape opinions

· Helps develop your own personality

· Helps with being authentic with your audiences

Only you can determine how you want to use your voice and the tone you need to engage and stay connected to your audiences. Once you find it, the next step will be determining how to segment your voice for each platform. Even when segmented, your voice should resonate in everything – from social media to the ads being seen. The goal is to put yourself in position where people will know your brand – without words.

Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle

In this digital landscape, there are so many brands that you can easily get lost in the shuffle. There’s only so much you can do to make your brand stand out if you’re just relying on your logo or visual content. In fact, Sprout Social surveyed consumers on why some brands stood out and others didn’t. 40% said memorable content, 33% said distinct personality and 32% said compelling storytelling. Guess what? All of these categories relied on brand voice. You can’t be distinctive if you don’t have a distinct brand voice.

The brand voice helps your audience become familiar with the brand. Do you want to stay hidden, or are you ready to let your voice be heard?

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