I don't need a copywriter, do I? 10 reasons the answer is YES.

In most instances, whenever you see billboards, ads or something on social media relating to a brand, chances are they hired a copywriter to do it. That isn’t always the case, but it can help when connecting with your audience. Copywriters are specific and direct to sell to or influence your audience, and smart brands realize they need a copywriter.

“But … I can write.”

Even if you’re a good writer, you may not know or understand the nuances of being a copywriter. Why would you spend the money to hire a copywriter when you're perfectly coherent, articulate and have used your knowledge, skills and abilities to get the word out, right?

WRONG. Truthfully, even writers get lost for words and they do this for living. Consider this … when you’re having issues with the computer you call an IT professional. When it comes to money, you hire an accountant, and when you need amazing photos, you call a photographer. That means when it comes to setting the standard for your brand, a copywriter is the first place you should look.

What's so special about a copywriter?

Copywriters don’t just write copy. Copywriters infuse persuasion, brand management, brand voice, your channels and their innate flair for crafting great language into what they do. It's the difference between making the sale or having someone just scroll on by.

Here are 10 additional reasons you may want to consider bringing one onto your team:

1. You have a new or revamped business

Your visual brand is one thing, but the copy drives EVERYTHING. Graphic designers start with the copy (most people don’t know that). In fact, the copy is one of the most, if not THE most important element of your brand. It sets the tone, lays the foundation for your reputation and sets you apart from your competitors. If you have copy at the bottom of your list, it’s time to move it to the top.

2. Brand voice

Did you know established brands have trouble with their brand voice? A brand’s voice evolves over time and if the company doesn’t realize it, say bye-bye to the bottom line. That means new and established businesses should think about their brand voice, or the language they speak. Your brand voice conveys what you need to say and how customers – and competitors will see you.

3. Website refresh

Your website should not look the same way it did five years ago because there’s money in the message. Your customers should be able to relate with copy that converts. It’s not good enough to say you have a website, it needs to speak directly to your audience in the way they want to be spoken to.

4. Documents

A copywriter is well versed in all types of writing, so if you need an article, ad copy, website copy, brochure or other marketing materials, your copywriter has the expertise to pull it all together.

5. Formats

You may have different platforms where you engage customers. Every platform has their own nuances and should be tailored to the specific audience and aim of each channel. Your landing page won’t be the same as how you write on Twitter or Facebook. A copywriter is the holy grail when it comes to tailoring each content piece for maximum effect.

6. Time

When you’re running your business, who has time to sit down and write copy? While your intention may be to save money, you’ll actually end up losing because you’re too busy doing a task that should be delegated to a pro. Copywriters have the experience you need to make an impact, love what they do and it shows.

7. Tech & Tactics

Writing in a naturally persuasive manner takes skill and is usually search engine optimized (SEO). That takes practice. Also, what about those email sequences you need to send out based on your sales funnel? Do you know what language to use and where your call to action should be? A copywriter does. If you don’t know the formula, you won’t get the results.

8. Fresh ideas

No one knows your business like you do, right? While that may be true, a copywriter adds different ways of looking at things to tap into your customers wants, needs and interests. You’re basically answering the question – what can this do for me? You may have certain ideas, but a copywriter will be able to bring those ideas to life.

9. Proofreading and editing

If you aren’t a grammar geek, chances are you won’t even think twice about how much of an impact proofreading and editing make. Your customers will notice if your copy is full of grammatical mistakes, which reflects poorly on your brand. You may also be too wordy. A copywriter can cut your copy in half without blinking an eye.

10. Effectiveness

By hiring a copywriter, you can be confident the work will get done. Your job will be to tell the copywriter what you need, the platform and let them convey your brand voice. No matter where your copy will land, it will be the right piece at the right time with all the keywords and structure to persuade your audience. With a strong call to action, you will see results.

There’s a reason why every industry has their share of professionals. Everyone can write to some extent, but a copywriter breathes life into words like most can’t.

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